$15.00 prepaid VCC issued by US Bank Corp

$15 VCC Issued by US Bank

Prepaid VISA card issued by US Bank and designed to be used with USA and US merchants. This card will not work with any other countries unless they use US merchant gateways like Chase or Wells Fargo. Lots of companies do, but smaller sites don’t.

This card does NOT support AVS or 3D verifications. Ask question before buying card. Since this is unique digital goods, we do not issue refund for reasons like “I didn’t read description” or “I bought from another seller”. Refund issued only if there is mistake with number itself or general typos or technical problems.

Before contacting us with problems, please google you error code and see what other people say about it. Example: Error code G-37021 – Go to google.com and search for “G-37021 prepaid visa card”

If you still having problems, please submit ticket with screen prints of your error, URL address of the site, and what billing address you use. Some times its better to add specific address to card for web purchases. Please use only USA billing address.

These cards are not for grey, black-market activities. Do not purchase anything illegal or abuse trial services. We work with authorities and NOT anonymous service. Use only for legal activities such as payments online games and VOD.

Lots of services do not take prepaid cards, so please check FAQ page for list of merchants who we know about. This list is not complete, rather than sample reference of well-known sites who banned the use of prepaid cards due to abuse with trial offers. Please be nice and don’t abuse it.

By buying this item, you agree to our terms and conditions. The card will be delivered immediately and will be in your account for your viewing. 

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