Q: We are you not answering my emails now. Right now. I want you now.. now… now!!!

A: Most likely because I’m asleep due to different time zone. I am in EST: UTC-05:00

Q: Can I simply return the card because I don’t need it?

A: No. Its a unique digital goods and you can’t just simply bring it out of your memory

Q: can I use the card with my address in Argentina/Kongo/Russia ?

A: No. USA address only

Q: I didn’t know the site that site die not take prepaid cards?

A: Oh well. Try spending it elsewhere and use google search to check. Or ask website’s support if they do

Q: I came here to get one of those magic cards that will buy me unlimited trials to every free service on the web.

A: We don’t have any of those. Try “the other store”

Q: I think I know better than you how prepaid cards work. Can I teach you?

A: No you don’t.  No you can’t.

Q: I am a major influencer in Bangalore and would like to try one for free?

A: No. I am not in Bangalore.

Q: I want to buy in bulk. Can I have a discount and all in one order.

A: Yes. Contact info is on this site. No, 5 pieces is not a bulk order.