Card Information

For all of you who thinks you can just “bring it back” here’s the process YOU will be going through – Closing and re-issuing card cost $15. This is not my charge, the bank charges it. You will have to fill out 2 page form, fax it to the bank and they will issue balance refund in a form of check. Issuing new card will cost additional $5.95
Card issued by US bank, based in USA. So, you address and all account requisites must be US based
Free Balance enquiry – cards for up to $20 – 1 month; up to $100 – 2 month; up to $200 – 3 month
Card Expiration date – as stated on the card – 02/2026 means February 2026 etc..
As far as I know pre-paid cards will not work in: Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, CCBill EU (thats CCBill on sites owned by European webmasters), sites with 3D or AVS verification, semrush, AWS, amazon +, alexa, 1 and 1, google adwords, Microsoft, azure, tidal, tradingview, facebook (ads and etc), youtube premium, oracle, digital ocean, stripe merchants, xbox live, deepl, Ali Express , craigslist, discord nitro, patreon, as of August 2022 all Google services
PSN players – If you get error “invalid credit card” or any other, google that error message and complain on PSN forum. Its a PSN bug and nothing can be done on my end. No refunds will be issued. Buy at your own risk.